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How do I sign my child up for RPW?

Registration for Ramona Pop Warner is begins in March of each year. The location varies each season. 

What do I need to bring with me to Registration?

* Both the child and a parent or guardian must be present at registration.
* A copy of child’s Certified Birth Certificate.  (New players and/or returning players who took the 2017 season off)
* Wallet size photo of child. (School photo works well.)  No hats or anything obstructing the child’s face.
* Registration Fee
* We accept Cash, Check, Credit Cards

What else does my child need prior to the first practice?

Every child is required to submit a copy of their current year end report card and a Palomar Conference Physical Form, completed by your child's doctor, which must be turned in no later than July 1st. 

Why do we need to submit our child's year end report card?

Pop Warner considers academic achievement to be extremely important for all our youth. We must ensure that your child is doing well enough in school so that football or cheer does not interfere with their studies. To ensure this, proof of satisfactory progress in school is required. A 2.0/70% or the equivalent shall be the minimum grade point average acceptable to participate. In cases of doubt or conflict of opinion, a written statement by the school administration shall be deemed final.

Why does my child need to submit a physical?

Safety of the children is our primary concern. A physical completed by your child's doctor or clinic is the only way we have to know that your child is healthy enough to engage in the physical demands of football and cheer. Pop Warner requires every participant to have a physical prior to the start of the season. The form to be used is provided by Palomar conference and is handed out at registration. You may also download it. Your child cannot practice or participate in any way without it.

Do I need to buy my own equipment and uniforms?

No.  Ramona Pop Warner provides the following equipment for football players:
* Helmet
* Shoulder pads
* Game Jersey
* Practice Jersey
* Spirit Pack
* Socks

Players will be responsible for purchasing their mouthpiece, cleats and pants (black only). At the end of the season, the players are required to return the following items:
* Helmet
* Shoulder Pads
* Practice Jersey 

When does the season start?

Practices begin August 1st with mandatory conditioning, which usually runs 5 days a week, Monday through Friday for the entire month of August. The first pre-season game is usually the last Saturday in August. Once school starts, practices drop back to 3 days per week, with games on Saturdays. The regular season continues through the second week of November, with Playoff Games, Bowl Games and Invitational Games running through the end of November. As well, cheer will be competing locally, and possibly regionally, through the end of November. If a team or squad advances to Nationals, the season can extend into January.

What is "mandatory conditioning"?

During the first week of practice, or the first 10 hours, the players "condition" with only helmets and mouthpieces. The main purpose is to get the kids into shape, used to running and exerting the level of energy required, prior to placing them in pads. This is also the time that they are introduced to football fundamentals, proper tackling techniques, hitting, passing, and receiving drills.  Cheerleaders are also required to meet the 20 hours conditioning period, during which time they will be building endurance and learning the different cheers, routines, stunting, basing, lifts, cradles, etc.

We want to take a vacation; does my child have to go to all the practices in August?

Yes, it is very important that your child attend all the practices during the month of August. As mentioned above, this is when the players are introduced to the fundamentals of football, proper tackling techniques, hitting, passing, and receiving drills. They are also evaluated for positions during this time, and introduced to the team's playbook. If your child goes on vacation and misses practices, he will fall behind his teammates. Football is a team sport and it takes 11 players executing their jobs to make each play work. Everyone must be on the same page in order for the team to be successful. While the time commitment is extensive, the rewards are even greater and it teaches your child the value of teamwork and respect please plan your vacations around it.  The same goes for Cheer. During the month of August the cheerleaders also condition. This is the time that they learn the cheers, routines, stunting, basing, lifts, cradles, etc. It is also the time when assessments take place, and cheerleaders are placed in their positions for the season, including the competitive routine. Each squad depends on every girl to execute their position.

What times do they practice?

Practices are usually held in the late afternoons/early evenings and are based around the coaches work schedules, who volunteer their time.

Where are practices held?

Practice locations are:
* Wilson Field
* Aqua Lane Field

Does my child have to try out to make the team?

Pop Warner prohibits tryouts of any kind for Pop Warner football or cheer. Players attend an evaluation day to ensure that they are placed on a team where their athletic abilities and safety comes first. Specific team assignments will not be made until after registration and evaluations. Cheerleaders will be placed on a squad appropriate for their age, skill level, and experience to ensure their safety as well.

How much will my child play?

Decisions about playing time and positions are made by the Coaches of the team and are the final responsibility of the Head Coach. Pop Warner guarantees that players who attend all practices in a week will play at least 8 to 12 plays in a game, depending on the number of eligible players (most games include 40-60 plays). Pop Warner has a "minimum play rule", also known as MPR, and it is strictly adhered to for each and every game. Coaches will make playing time and position decisions based on hard work, skill, performance in practice, experience and safety. Keep in mind that all teams want to win games, and no coach wants to put a player in an unfair situation where he has little chance of succeeding. First year players may expect less playing time than returning players, until they learn more skills and gain confidence.

When and where are the games played?

All of the games are played on Saturdays. Our home games will be played at Ramona High School. The times of the games are determined by the number of teams competing and field availability. A schedule of games will be distributed as it becomes available. Away games will take place at different locations within our Conference. Cheerleaders are expected to attend all Saturday games to "cheer on" the football teams they have been assigned to.

What other cities could we travel to for games?

Palomar Conference is made of 16 different Associations from the following cities.

Teams may not necessarily play teams from all the cities listed below:
* Carlsbad
* Escondido
* Fallbrook
* La Costa Canyon
* Murrieta
* Oceanside
* Poway
* Rancho Bernardo
* Rancho Penasquitos
* San Marcos
* Scripps Ranch
* Temecula
* Torrey Pines
* Valley Center
* Vista

Can I choose what team my child is placed on?

In short NO. However, Ramona Pop Warner makes every effort to ensure that families with siblings in the same qualifying age and weight bracket be placed on the same team if possible. If your child is a returning player, he may track (move up in division), or he may be grandfathered (stay down in the same division) Based on Age and Weight.  Cheerleading squads will be assigned to football teams based on various criteria, of which sibling issues may be a priority.

How can I volunteer?

Ramona Pop Warner is made up entirely of volunteers, and without our volunteers, our program wouldn't exist! There are many ways to contribute.  Following are a few areas that we can use your help:

* Setup/ Breakdown: Help setup/clean up before/after games and special events.

* Teams/Games: Work with teams/squads during practice and games. For Example: Assistant Coach, Team Business Manager, Team Parent, Chain Gang, Minimum Play Checker, Announcer, Clock Operator, Team Photos, Team Video

* Please contact any board member or your child's coach to see where you can help out!

How can I become a Sponsor?

Sponsors are the lifeline of the program. The money that is raised each year through sponsorships, donations, and fundraising events go to supporting the program and to help offset the many costs associated with running the program. Some of the costs we incur are:
* Field Light Usage
* Conference Fees
* Equipment Fees
* Uniform Fees
* Background Checks for Board Members and Coaches
* Referee Fees
* Insurance

Each year, Ramona Pop Warner gives out Scholarships to families with financial difficulties so that every child will have the opportunity to participate. We will never turn a child away due to these constraints.  If you are able, please consider making a donation to support a family with a financial need.

How do I apply for a Scholarship?

The Ramona Pop Warner (RPW) Scholarship Policy is to provide financial assistance to those with economic need or financial hardship, and who meet the eligibility criteria. RPW does not give full scholarships; some payment from parents is required. All information that is provided to RPW in response to the Scholarship Application remains confidential and will not be shared for any other purpose. The information you provide will determine your child(ren)'s eligibility to receive a scholarship. There is non-refundable $50 fee due at registration, which will be applied to any balance due for the cost of registering your child(ren) in Ramona Pop Warner.  Scholarship applications are available at in person registration events.