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Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy (applies to all levels, Flag through Midget):


  1. All absences are unexcused unless cleared with the Head Coach PRIOR to the game/practice for reasons of illness/injury (which may require a doctor’s note to resume practice), required school function, or religious event.  Arriving more than 15 minutes late or departing more than 15 minutes early from a practice is considered an absence.


  3. ALL cheerleaders must arrive to a game no later than 45 minutes prior to scheduled start time for check-in.  Cheerleaders who arrive after this time but prior to final check-in must sit out the first quarter. Final check in will take place 5-10 minutes prior to scheduled game start time.  Cheerleaders who are not present for final check-in are declared INELIGIBLE to participate in that game, but must remain in uniform in the stands to support their squad.  This is a Palomar League rule.  Ineligible cheerleaders on the field will result in penalties/suspension of the Coach and the rule is NOT negotiable.


  5. Head Coaches will present a detailed attendance policy to the cheerleaders and families of their squad at the beginning of the season.  The policy will be consistently applied to all cheerleaders.


  7. A cheerleader that has one or more excused or unexcused absence during the week must sit in full uniform on the sideline during a portion of or the entire game depending on the number of practices missed, consistent with their squad’s attendance policy..


  9. More than 3 absences during the season may lead to a change in position within the competition routine so as not to adversely affect the rest of the squad.  More than 5 absences (excused or unexcused) may make the participant ineligible for competition.  After 5 absences, the Head Coach may refer players to the Board for potential removal from the squad.


  11. Practice days, times and locations will be based on coach and field/gym availability and WILL change during the season.